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Fun Golf in South Silicon Valley!

Gilroy Golf Course offers two types of annual passes. The FULL pass which is valid 7 days a week and the STANDARD pass which is valid weekdays only. Our passes start as low as $990 for a weekday pass and $1130 for a Full 7 day a week unlimited pass.  Full passes also included privledges at our "sister" course, Gavilan College G.C.  Contact us and we can give you a quote on how much an annual pass will save you. In most cases you only need to play golf once a week for a pass to make $ense. Take advantage of our "Early Buy" program where new passes can be purchased as early as Novermber 1st and they are valid for the last two months of the current year plus all 12 months of the next year.  14 months for the price of 12!!

FULL PASS (7 DAYS PER WEEK)(Includes Gavilan College G.C.)

SINGLE $1420 $1550
COUPLE $1970 $2200
SENIOR** $1130 $1250
SR, CPL $1660 $1820
JUNIOR $ 500 $ 540


SINGLE $1292 $1430
COUPLE $1660 $1870
SENIOR $ 990 $1140
SR. CPL $1360 $1560

FAMILY (Couple + $125 per child 17 or under)    

*Resident is a 95020 zip code
**Senior age is 60+

Our passes run on a calendar year basis.  See the chart below for your rate on purchasing a pass mid year.