Golf Lingo Q Z

quarter shot - A golf shot with a greatly reduced swing. 

range - A common slang word used to describe the course practice area. 

recovery - Referring to a player`s shot. A shot played back into a good position from a hazard, rough, or a generally unfavorable position. 

relief - Referring to the Rules of Golf. Permission to lift and drop the ball without penalty. 

rough - The area on the golf course where the grass is longer and thicker than the fairway. 

Royal and Ancient - One of the two governing bodies in golf along with the United States Golf Association. 

scramble - A tournament and/or format of golf play. All golfers hit the ball, starting at the tee. The best ball is picked after each shot and the process starts all over again until the ball is putted out. This format is good for beginners, as it alleviates the pressure of playing with better players. 

scratch - Not something you do when you have an itch. Used when referring to a player`s handicap. A scratch golfer is a player who has a 0 handicap. A person who plays "par golf". A good place to be. 

semi-private course - A course that has members but is still open to the public. 

shank - A shot struck by the club`s hosel that travels dead right (for a right-handed player). Considered the worst golf shot to perform, other than a "whiff." 

slice - A shot that curves violently to the right. This is the most common ball flight for a beginner. 

slope - Adjusts your handicap to the difficulty of the course you play. The more difficult the slope rating on the course, the more strokes the player will need. See the USGA web site for further information. 

tee - A peg on which the ball is placed for driving (wooden or plastic). The tee is also the point from which the play of a hole begins, usually referred to as "the tee" or the "teeing ground." 

threesome - Three players playing a round together. Also, a match in which two players play the same ball and alternate strokes and play against a single player. 

tiger tee - Slang for the back tee.

top - To hit the ball above its center. A shot that will dive downward and roll or hop on the ground rather than rise. 

turn - The halfway point on an 18 hole course. After playing nine holes, a player is at the "turn." 

twosome - Two golfers playing together. 

USGA - United States Golf Association. With the Royal and Ancient Society of St. Andrews, one of the ruling bodies of golf. 

whiff - To swing and miss the golf ball completely, counted as a stroke. 

yips - A chronic condition of missing short putts due to nerves.