Golf Lingo L P

layout - Refers to the design of the golf course. 

lie - The position of the ball on the course. You`ll often hear a player say, "I have a good/bad lie." It is also used when a player has played a certain number of strokes on that hole -- "She is lying three, and she still has the chance to par the 17th." With equipment, it is the angle at which the clubhead is set on the shaft. 

links - A golf course situated on a seaside terrain. Also slang for golf course. 

lip - The rim around the hole. 

LPGA - The Ladies Professional Golf Association. This organization includes tournament operations and a teaching and club professional division. 

LPGA Tour - Ladies Professional Golf Association of America for touring women golf professionals. The Ladies Tour conducts over 40 events a year. 

majors, major championships - The Professional tournaments considered the most important within the golf community. For the Women`s Tour: Dinah Shore Classic, the LPGA Championship, the du Maurier Classic, and the U.S. Women`s Open. For the Men`s Tour: The Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the PGA Championship. Note: Golf purists refer to the British Open as "The Open." 

marker - An item used to mark the position of your golf ball. Used on the green to indicate the position of the ball. This may be a coin or a small object. Many clubs provide markers. Also, a term referring to a person who keeps score during stroke competition. 

match play - A competition by holes between two parties/players. One player defeats the other one by winning more holes than there are holes left to play. 

medal play - A competition where the player wins with the lowest number of strokes. Also known as stroke play. 

mulligan - The chance to replay your last shot. 

nassau - A golf betting game consisting of three parts during a round. Players establish a wager on the front nine, back nine and the entire 18. 

niblick - An old term for a nine iron, Scottish in origin. ob - Short for Out of Bounds. The area lying outside of the defined golf course. 

par - The standard score in strokes assigned to each hole on the golf course. The par for each hole is given on the scorecard. You`ll have a great round if you score "the par" on any course. 

penalty stroke - An additional stroke added to a player`s score for a rules violation 

PGA of America - The Professional Golfers` Association of America, the governing body of American professional golf. 

PGA Tour - Based in Ponte Verdra Beach, FL. This group governs the PGA TOUR, Senior PGA TOUR and the Nike Tour. The Tour conducts almost 150 tournaments a year. 

pin - Slang for flagstick. 

pin-high - Reference to a ball on the green that is even with the pin but off to one side. 

pitch - An approach shot to the green. The player does not use a full swing during a pitch shot. This shot is shorter than a normal swing, but longer than a chip shot. 

play through - When a group or player will pass a group of slower golfers playing on the hole ahead. In terms of proper etiquette, it is recommended you ask permission before moving ahead. 

professional - A player, usually called a Pro, who receives payment for teaching or playing in tournaments. 

putter - The club specifically designed for putting. It has very little loft and is usually shorter than other clubs.